Speakeasy - How to talk to your child about growing up

Speakeasy: Talking With Your Children About Growing Up

Speakeasy - How to talk to your child about growing upThis Family Planning Association book is, according to the FPA, the fastest selling book the Association has published. Developed in consultation with parents, Speakeasy is designed to be used by anyone who works with or cares for children and young people. FPA Speakeasy courses have helped more than 10,000 parents and children across the UK and this book captures much of that advice in one handy reference.

Well designed, colourful and extremely clear, the book takes a matter-of-fact approach to sex, periods, fostering, adoption, protection from abuse, personal hygiene and many other day to day topics.

There are so many routine things we do in our adult lives that children wonder about, and it’s easy to forget that if no one explains it to them, they may continue to be ignorant – and possibly too shy to ask for fear of appearing silly. Speakeasy: talking with your children about growing up contains clear, practical information on how to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence parents and carers need to talk about this subject.

It is crucial that young people receive good sex and relationships education from their parents. This can delay when they first have sex, make them aware of how to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections as well as helping with their emotional development and skills in managing relationships.

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Suitable to use with children of any age, this book includes stories from parents, typical questions children may ask and suggestions of how parents and carers can answer these appropriately.

Throughout the chapters there is clear information about growing up, emotions and relationships, puberty, sex and sexuality, pregnancy and pregnancy choices. The information also covers contraception, sexually transmitted infections and how children and young people can keep safe.


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