Signing Hands - Baby Signing Basics

Signing Hands; Baby Signing Basics

Signing Hands - Baby Signing BasicsA finalist for Most Innovative Baby Product 2010 at The Baby Show for Trade, Signing Hands; Baby Signing Basics has been produced in collaboration with leading British Sign Language author Cath Smith and experienced baby signing teachers.

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Signing Hands; Baby Signing Basics not only gives parents first signs to get started with, but includes tips for success from experienced baby signing teachers as well as crucial development information and what to expect from your baby.

With baby signing becoming increasingly popular in the UK, this is a fantastic way to building your child’s communication skills from six months onwards. At this age, a baby’s gross motor skills are sufficiently developed to make simple gestures. Signing therefore enables them to bridge the communication gap and show their parents what they need and want.

Signing Hands: Baby Signing Basics can be enjoyed together by baby, Mum, Dad, siblings and other relatives or care givers.

If your baby is clapping and waving, this suggests they have sufficient control over their gross motor skills to make simple first signs such as milk, eat, bed and cuddle.  By having Signing Hands: Baby Signing Basics on your bookshelf, even if there are no signing classes near you, you can still give your child a great first step towards communicating and expressing themselves clearly.

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