Sarky Puddleboat

Sarky Puddleboat

Sarky PuddleboatFor many first time authors, publishing a book is a lifelong dream. For authors of children’s books, it is also often the bringing to life of stories that have entertained the children within the family. Eve Branson is such an author. She used to tell stories to her own children and grandchildren, and with the help of illustrator Wes Lowe has been able to bring those stories to the page for others to share.

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Eve is also the mother of that famous other Branson – Richard. Some of the proceeds from book sales will go towards the Eve Branson Foundation, which supports local Moroccan communities in the long term by setting up sustainable enterprises in the Atlas Mountains.

Sarky Puddleboat is a boat with a secret, a magic boat with a personality that has been specially designed by an equally magical granny as a present for her grandchildren. Sarky offers the children an irresistible opportunity for adventure but there are strict rules to follow when aboard. Will the children stick to the rules? Where will the tide take them? Who will rescue them from Oliver the Oily Octopus? Will Granny allow them on board ever again?

Eve Branson and six of her eleven grandchildren feature in this story.

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