Zodiac Baby Names with Russell Grant

Russell Grant’s Zodiac Baby Names

Zodiac Baby Names with Russell GrantBeing rather cynical about both astrology and the meanings behind names, I find it hard to develop an affinity with a book that is centred on both, but the wealth of knowledge and expertise that goes into both isn’t lost on me. There’s perhaps no better authority on the topic in this country than Russell Grant.

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For those people with a developing bump who are struggling for the perfect name, the book kicks off with a prologue entitled What’s In A Name? and another entitled How To Find The Name You Want.

Russell then runs through the different zodiac signs and lists the various boy and girl names in each category. If you want to choose your perfect name suited to the alignment of the stars, then this book will help you narrow down the list instantly.

One thing Russell is unable to do, though, is categorise the new breed of new age and celebrity concoctions that people haven’t yet thought of – such as Apricot Busstop Fancypants Smythe.

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