Pregnancy - The Mumsnet Guide

Pregnancy – The Mumsnet Guide

Pregnancy - The Mumsnet GuideThis is a weighty paperback guide that follows in the footsteps of Toddlers, Babies and Food in the Mumsnet Guide series.

Like any pregnancy guide, this one goes through the trimesters, looking at what happens to your body, which tests to take, how your baby grows and how to look after yourself. The difference is in the feedback that interlaces the chapters, from real mums.

These anecdotes range from the unique and practical to the humorous.

For example, when it comes to telling work about being pregnant, MrsBadger said, “My colleagues were thoroughly fed up with the number of office pregnancies, so I baked them a cake to soften the blow.”

Louii recalled how she would be weepy at the oddest things. “There is a Kentucky Fried Chicken advert were one KFC bucket gets left outside in the rain, gets kicked, then finally gets impaled on railings, as the family sit inside eating out of another KFC bucket. I used to bawl over the poor bucket. My partner thought I was batso.”

In terms of being useful, the book follows easily organised chapters, with indexes and a contents section that helps you jump to the information you want quickly, such as advice about C-sections, Braxton Hicks, Tens machines and what types of pain relief are available during labour.

The book has a light-hearted and friendly approach and, with the many contributions from real mums, should make any nervous bump clubber feel more at ease.

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