Pregnancy for Beginners

Pregnancy For Beginners

Pregnancy for BeginnersA guide to having the pregnancy you want.

Being pregnant is wonderful, but totally life-changing. You are expected to make a mountain of critical decisions with no previous experience whatsoever, and everyone from your best friend to your mother-in-law is giving you different advice.

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Pregnancy for Beginners is a reassuring guide that helps you bloom during your pregnancy and takes you calmly through all the big decisions that you need to make, such as when to tell people you’re pregnant, what to buy before the baby is born, what paternity leave to take, where the baby will sleep and what kind of pain relief to have. It also covers the decisions that aren’t so vital but which seem hugely important when you’re pregnant such as when to decorate the nursery, or whether to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl.

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