Positive Not Pushy

Positive Not PushyAll of us would like our children to do well, but in the current climate of pressure on children from school and exams we do not want to be pushy. This book looks at engaging your child in extra activities to make most of their talents and provide interests and skill into adult life.

Topics include the difference between being pushy and being positive, motivation and practice, winning and losing and how to encourage less confident children. It gives advice on the psychology and practicalities of encouraging talents, while keeping your child happy and well-balanced.

Also included is comprehensive reference information on the various types of activity available.

Being a pushy parent is not in fashion. The talk now is of the pressure put on children to succeed, the endless exams that they have to face and the way it can eat into their time for creative play. Yet most parents would still like to help their children do as well as possible, given whatever gifts they are born with and whatever opportunities are available.

In most families the problem is not too much pressure, but ignorance of how to help children make the most of themselves. This easy-to-use book gives advice on the practicalities and psychology of encouraging a talent, while keeping your child happy and well-balanced.

Book reviewed by Parents Lounge member Sarahm

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