Planning A Baby

Planning a baby?

Planning A BabyThe six months prior to the conception are now known to be an important time in determining the healthiness of both a pregnancy and baby. This book contains lots of useful information you should know when planning a baby.

The topics include the reproductive system, contraception, diet and nutrition, exercise and health issues. It also includes information on men’s general health, reproductive health and factors that affect sperm production. The final section covers conception itself, antenatal tests and information on miscarriages.

Taking good care of yourself before and during pregnancy will ensure the best start for your baby and this book can guide you through.

In this completely updated and revised edition, Dr Sarah Brewer provides the latest groundbreaking research and gives advice on:

  • Contraceptive advances
  • Lifestyle and factors that affect early pregnancy
  • Conception itself – the myths and the facts
  • Which vitamins and minerals are needed, including the use of folic acid
  • Advice for vegetarians
  • Sperm health
  • An overview of the causes of miscarriage

Book reviewed by Parents Lounge member Sarahm

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