Nurse Diddy Chickenpox Party

Nurse Diddy – The Chicken Pox Party

Nurse Diddy Chickenpox PartyOn Scrobble Farm, Jake wakes up one morning covered top to toe in spots. Granny Scrobble immediately phones BetterQuick Surgery where Nancy the receptionist explains she has had many calls with the same problem that morning. Nurse Diddy and her ‘helpers’, namely Gongo the guinea pig and Ruko the rook, are called in to help make the children feel better. The magical Nurse Diddy Bag provides the necessary piece of equipment to sort the problem out. Nurse Diddy reassures the patients and gives them some fabulous anti-itch cream and some BetterQuick medicine. However, a few days later, even though the children feel better, they cannot go back to school as they are still infectious. They get bored – very bored and that is when the trouble starts! That is, until Nurse Diddy has the fabulous idea of a Chicken Pox Party on Stan’s train…!

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As author Libby Weaver explains, the book provides vital solutions to many children’s fears as to why they feel ill.

“With most children there is a ‘fear’ side to being poorly or getting hurt. Nurse Diddy alleviates these by encouraging good healthy living, helping children to understand more about how their bodies work, reminding them that there are ways to get better and, essentially, to make the world of health exciting and fun,” she explains.

The Chicken Pox Party is the first in Weaver’s planned series of health books for children aged 3-5 years old. So far the book is being received with critical acclaim.

“I read this book to my Reception class and they loved it. The story is perfect for young children, but all ages will enjoy it. Being unwell, seeing the nurse/doctor and having chicken pox are all things children can relate to. The characters are very appealing and the illustrations are beautifully done. I can’t wait for the next Nurse Diddy story.” Said one Hertfordshire primary teacher.

Many are praising the author’s efforts to allow children to indulge in their fascination with Doctors and Nurses in a way which directly benefits their wellbeing. With thirty two pages of rich text and vibrant images, many parents are finding that the title is proving a vital addition to the bookshelf.

In fact, the very idea of Nurse Diddy’s character is enough to provide children with a trustworthy friend.

“The character of Nurse Diddy is deliberately small, not much bigger than a child – this encourages children to relate to her, even though she is a grownup – she is someone to be trusted and to make them feel safe,” Weaver concludes.

Nurse Diddy: The Chicken Pox Party is published by Bumpkin Books, costing £7.99 for the paperback version and £1.96 in eBook format.

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