Loving Every Child

Loving Every Child – Wisdom For Parents

Loving Every ChildSometimes you get a book that you just like to own because it looks and feels so good even before you read it. This is one of those books. Smallish in size, with a smooth hard cover and an attractive design, it has a very old fashioned feel, with coarse inner paper and a quaint page layout.

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The book contains a chapter on the life of Janusz Korczak, who was born in Warsaw in 1878, became a doctor in the Russian army and later became an educator through his studies into child psychology. His first book, How To Love A Child, combined his experiences and observations concerning the spiritual and practical nurturing of children. You could say that Korczak is the original Gina Ford.

This collection of one hundred quotations and passages from legendary educator Janusz Korczak offers valuable advice and observations on how to take care of, respect, and love every child – from understanding a newborn’s mysterious behaviour to answering the outrageous questions kids ask to confronting the conundrum that is adolescence. In an inviting gift-book format, which also includes a short chapter on Korczak’s life, this is a heartfelt and helpful reminder of who we were as children and who we might become as parents.

This book is more about inspiration than facts. Reading it is more likely to change your outlook and your attitude than it is to change your understanding of anything physical or medical. It captures the author’s psychological insight into how to make children as loved as they all want to be.

Here’s one snippet for you: “Any child realizing my faults would be glad to change me, to make me better. The poor youngster cannot grasp the fact that my greatest fault is that I am no longer a child.”


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