Kids & Co

Kids & CoWhen it comes to raising your kids, you know more than you think, this book teaches. You may have spent five or ten years working before you started your family, or even more.

What Kids & Co teaches you is to use the skills you learned in the workplace on raising your kids. Treat your children like customers, like employees, like colleagues. Just because you’re a parent, your business skills don’t have to go out of the window when you walk in through the front door.

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You may sometimes feel that the kids get the better of you every time, but here’s one weapon you have that they don’t: all those business skills you already have and they know nothing about. Closing the sale, win/win negotiating, motivational skills and all the rest of them.


  1. Customer relations skills: make your children feel they matter
  2. Selling skills: get your children to do whatever you want… willingly
  3. Negotiating skills: meet each other half way
  4. Motivation skills: generate enthusiasm in your children
  5. Management skills: get the best from your kids
  6. Teamwork skills: show your children how to get along together


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