Kate & Emily’s Guide To Single Parenting

Kate and Emily's Guide to Single ParentingContrary to popular belief, the single as in single parent doesn’t refer to either parent’s romantic status, but the fact that their child is being brought up in a household with one of their parents whilst the other one lives elsewhere. Bringing up your children with someone you don’t live with and who you’ve split up from will present challenges and issues that need extra attention and which don’t ever go away their nature just changes as the children grow up and your life changes.

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This is a long journey with highs and lows. You will laugh, you will cry. Wherever you are along the journey, this book will provide you with a manual to give you some positive and practical ideas and tools to show you

  • how to work effectively with Dad
  • how to ensure your children and family thrive
  • how to make things the best they can be for you.

Kate Ford and Emily Abbott are single parents. Kate was left by her partner and Emily was the one who left her partner. Kate is an ex-fund manager and Emily a market researcher, and the pair have combined their professional smarts and their parenting experiences to partner up via Kateandemily.com – a website devoted to helping single parents.

This straight talking duo offer their special blend of empathy, encouragement and guidance to help you and your family move on.In this humorous, psychobabble-free guide you get all the advice that you can’t get from your friends on: working with the Dad if he’s around, and thriving if he’s not; giving your children the best possible childhood; helping your family through the maze; and, getting a grip on your finances.It doesn’t matter how you got to where you are now – it’s how you go forward that counts!

When it comes down to it, this is a book by real parents about their experience of raising children – almost any single parent could write it. That’s not to say this is a bad book – only that it is down to earth and reads more like the kind of conversation you would have with a friend over coffee than a lecture on how to be a good single parent.

It’s not only about the children and dealing with the emotions of being a single parent, though. The book has a section full of useful web links and contacts, it looks at financial management, and also discusses how to encourage a good relationship between the absent partner and the children (although in the lingo of this book, the absent partner is assumed to be a male – it’s very much a woman’s point of view).

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