I Can Do It

I Can Do It

I Can Do ItThis is a playbook with a difference. Designed to help busy parents enjoy fun-filled playtime with their young children, the activities in this book help your child to discover the world for themselves. Exercises cover life skills, development of the senses, language skills, number sense and science interests, and each with a healthy dose of fun and adventure. The 70 step-by-step activities are designed for you and your child to enjoy together and include things like learning to put on a coat and tie laces, participating in storytelling and learning about numbers.

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All activities are presented with guidelines and suggestions that progress in terms of difficulty. Based on sound principles of early-childhood development and focused for children between two and five years old, the activities are not expensive or overly time-consuming and are especially framed for parents with no specialised knowledge or training.

Packed with kid-pleasing, skill-building, fun activities, I Can Do It helps you raise a calm, confident and capable child.

Chapters include:
Life skills (such as brushing teeth, washing hands, setting the table)
Developing the senses (eg, colours, sounds, musical scales)
Language development (eg, word play, making a book)
Numeracy skills (eg, cups and counters, adding to ten)
Science skills (eg, floating and sinking objects, mixing colours)

This is a very easy to use book, with short and sharp copy and well-drawn diagrams, and it is full of so many ideas, you really can’t go wrong buying this one. We give it a UKPL thumbs up.

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