How To Talk To Parents About Autism

How to talk to parents about autismProfessionals working with parents of autistic children not only face the challenges of treating the child but also must deal with the stresses of the family. This title provides professional advice about treatments, answering families’ questions and providing them with realistic expectations.

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As the parent of an autistic son, as well as the director of a paediatric neuro-development centre, Sanders draws on both his personal experience and his clinical background to guide therapists in what to say to parents and how to say it.

From childhood diagnosis to adulthood, this book will deepen the clinician’s understanding of the needs of autistic children and their parents, and help him or her assist parents at every stage of their child’s development.

Of course, if you are a parent of an autistic child but not a clinician, and you are reading this review, then you may want to cut out the middle man and read this book yourself. While the book is addressing the professional about questions parents may ask, parents can still find their own answers by reading the advice given in this book.

Tackling the different types of autism and what to say to parents when it is first diagnosed, the author then spends a lot of time looking at behavioral issues such as social skills, communication, repetitive behaviours, toilet training and food eating. At each stage, he asks what questions parents will ask and what should be said to them.

The language is not weighty and medical but rather down to earth prose. Being an American book it contains American references but the information and advice is as meaningful to UK parents as it is to those on the other side of the Atlantic.

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