How To Survive The Terrible Twos

How to survive the terrible twosLiving with a two-year-old isn’t necessarily easy. In fact, your child’s second year is as steep a learning curve for you as it is for them. While they’re finding out about the world, you’re struggling to get to grips with everything from food fads to potty training, sleepless nights to choosing a playgroup.

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Caroline Dunford has charted a year in the life of her two-year-old son, aptly known as the Emperor on account of his transparent master plan to bend the known universe to his will. She recounts her failures as honestly as her successes, and passes on what she’s learnt about:

  • how to get a decent night’s sleep
  • coaxing a half decent diet down your toddler
  • keeping your child safe, at home and beyond
  • getting your child out of nappies
  • curing bad habits, from spitting and hitting to hair pulling and head-banging

…and plenty more of the everyday sagas and traumas that beset any parent of a two-year-old. This real life account reassures you that you’re not alone, and gives you plenty of suggestions and guidance to make this year feel more like peaceful negotiation than a siege.

Caroline Dunford has previously worked as a psychotherapist, a counsellor, a supervisor, a writer and a tutor – sometimes concurrently. Even working three jobs at once did not, in any way, prepare her for the onset of motherhood. Today she is a mother and, when her son allows, a freelance writer.

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