How Safe Is Your Baby?

How Safe Is Your Baby?

How Safe Is Your Baby?Pregnant mothers and new parents are deluged with information about what they should or shouldn’t do to keep their baby safe. From avoiding unpasteurised cheese to MMR jabs, drinking while pregnant to sharing a bed with your baby, there’s no shortage of advice. But what are the facts? After all, walking downstairs or getting into a car are potentially risky. How big a risk are you actually taking if you choose to have a home birth, or feed your baby solids before it’s six months old?

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How Safe Is Your Baby? sets out the available information on risk levels and what could happen if you ignore the official advice, without taking sides:

  • It explains the risks involved so you know what’s behind the official advice
  • It sets out the worst case scenario so you can make an informed decision
  • It outlines the existing research so you can judge it for yourself

Of course, sometimes – maybe all the time – you’ll decide the official advice is quite right and you’ll choose to go along with it. But the critical thing is that it will be your choice. How Safe Is Your Baby? treats parents as grown-ups and simply gives you the information to make your own decisions. After all, no one cares more about what is right for your baby than you do.

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