Haynes Wallace and Gromit 2

Haynes Wallace & Gromit 2

Haynes Wallace and Gromit 2Once famous for its car manuals, Haynes pulled off a masterstroke when it started using its style and its name for other fun ideas. This one is produced in partnership with Aardman – the company that created Wallace & Gromit.

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In its usual Haynes hardback format, the book features detailed drawings, along with photos from movies, of various Wallace inventions. There’s the Runabout Steam Chair, the Inflatable Safety Suit, the Bowl-O-Matic and Hover Wellies. Don’t forget the Garden Exit System, the Anti-Pesto Launch System and the Pie Launcher.

The drawings will keep youngsters amused for hours, and their components are itemised so, if any inventor wanted to have a go at making them  they could. It’s all in fun, of course, but the manual is imaginative and almost convincing. You find yourself wondering if it really is possible to build a Bed Launcher and Auto Dresser to save you time in the morning.

This is the follow up to the equally good forerunner, also called Cracking Contraptions Manual.

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