Haynes Student Manual

Haynes Student Manual

Haynes Student ManualI wish I’d had one of these when I went to college. This book is well put together and well designed and it has a good range of useful information like recipes, alcohol units, DIY tips, job interview tips…

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For many young people, university offers the first taste of independence, but also throws up a lot of new demands and experiences that initially leave them stumped. There is a growing need for trustworthy, quality advice within the ever-changing field of higher education, and The Student Manual offers just that. With insight from current students and advice from experts, The Student Manual covers everything from money and studying to health and relationships. This Haynes Manual will appeal to mums, dads and grandparents about to wave goodbye, and, of course, to prospective students themselves.

Some of the information may seem obvious, but so often people actually have never been shown how to change a plug, unblock a sink or unblock the toilet.

Young adults away from home for the first time, and perhaps sharing accommodation with others, may not be well versed in how to share household chores and expenses.

Not all young adults leave home knowing how to cook pasta or rice. This book covers both, as well as offering recipes for baked potato with cheese and beans, apple crumble and more.

There’s advice about making friends, about joining clubs and societies and how to think about career prospects and work experience. The section about dissertations includes details about plagiarism, warning about the dangers of copying work from the Internet or from others.

I think any student leaving home to start college life would love to have this book.

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