Book - Grow Up

Grow Up!

Book - Grow UpYou know what it’s like with your children. They will listen to their friends and their friends’ parents, but will they listen to you? Will they heck. That’s a worry when they are about to fly the nest because you wonder whether they are going to ignore your advice about strangers and drinking and drugs and washing their clothes!

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Grow Up! deals with the problem by covering all these areas and more – packing a huge amount of advice and information into a small package. There’s a chapter on house training, drink and drugs, handling money, sex, being fit for life, living away from home and not going hungry.

Author Clare Paterson has also roped in her son Nicholas for his take on life, to give the book more than one point of view.

Paterson is an award-winning documentary maker who specialises in films about families and relationships. She is the mother of three children. Although she left home at 18, she now lives next door to her mum!

All parents and teenagers will find more than a few useful things in this book. It would make a good present for your teenager as they get ready to spread their wings.

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