Contented little baby book of names

Gina Ford – The Contented Little Baby Book of Names

Contented little baby book of namesI enjoyed this book as not only did it give a comprehensive A-Z listing of over 5000 baby names but, it also gave the short forms, meanings and origins of the names in fact, the only thing missing was pronunciations for some of the foreign names.

It included popular names from other countries including America, India and the rest of Europe.

The books Introduction highlights the importance of a name and how it can contribute to personal and professional success. It also highlights how choosing the wrong name can lead to a lifetime of unhappiness.

It gives advice on naming twins and triplets with tips like naming them in reverse alphabetical order so that the first born is Richard and the second Adam. That way Adam will come first in something which could be very important as he grows up.

The pitfalls section made me smile. Initial are very important – you don’t want their wallet or suitcase to spell MAD, BAD or ASS. Equally you don’t want their first name added to your surname to make an unfortunate combination such as Ann Teake and finally one day your little baby will become an adult so imagine how their name will suit them later on. Do you imagine your son will enjoy being called Timmy when he is a high flying MD?

Overall I thought this was a good book of baby names and would recommend it in future.

Reviewed by Parents Lounge member Charlotte.

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