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New Contented Little Baby BookI bought this book when I was expecting my first baby. It had been recommended to me by a friend who assured me that her 6 week old was in a fantastic routine and was sleeping through the night. Babies don’t come with a manual so I thought this was going to be the next best thing.

“The New Contented Little Baby Book” is the secret to calm and confident parenting – that is what is printed on the cover of this 248 paged paperback. I read most of the book while I was pregnant and I thought I was going to be this calm super mum with the most contented baby ever.

The chapters in the book cover:
• The preparation for the birth
• After the birth
• Feeding in the first year
• Understanding your babies sleep
• Common problems in the first few months
• Establishing a routine
• Routines for the first year
• Introducing solid food

Gina’s methods seemed fantastic when I was pregnant but once I had a real live baby the reality set in.

The midwifes were telling me to demand feed but the book was advising me against it and I had to breastfeed at certain times – not when my baby was giving me the signals that he was hungry.

I had to put my baby in a darkened room with the door shut for his sleeps (even if he was not tired) and wake him up when the book told me to.

The routines are so strict they even tell you what time you should get up, what time you can eat and you can forget about meeting other mums or having anytime to yourself for the first few months.

Looking back, in hindsight I can’t believe I tried this book out as it goes against the advice the midwifes and health visitors give you and at times went against my own maternal instincts. I personally found the book very regimented and enjoyed motherhood a lot more when I started to trust my own instincts. My baby soon adapted his own routine and was sleeping through at 5 weeks.

Reviewed by Parents Lounge member Charlotte

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