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Contented Baby Book of WeaningFussy eating, food fighting, food hurling… what has happened to my contented little baby? When weaning your child there are so many questions and most start with ‘When should I?’.  In The Contented Little Baby Book of Weaning, top maternity nurse Gina Ford lends you over 20 years of experience, answering those questions, and more.

Everything about weaning and feeding is covered in this one book, from the initial ‘When do I start?’ to establishing routines, making sure you provide enough nutrients for your growing baby and even spotting food intolerances. Packed with helpful advice, tips and easy-to-use charts, and with personal stories from the many mothers Gina has worked with over the years, this book provides just the type of support you’ll need as you work out your own individual weaning routine for you and your baby.

Contented feeding is just around the corner…

The book is split into six chapters which include ‘When to Wean’, the three stages of weaning and ‘A-Z of Foods’. There is some very useful information about food groups and how to prepare and cook baby foods. The stages of weaning are separated into first stage (four to six months), second stage (six to nine months), third stage (nine to twelve months) and twelve months and over. Gina suggests some very specific feeding plan guides which look easy to follow although she does assume that a nursing mother will breast feed to schedule. In addition to the personal anecdotes about real babies Gina helped to wean, she also answers common concerns such as ‘When can I give cow’s milk as a drink?’ and ‘How will I know how much solid food to give my baby?’

The A-Z of Foods chapter provides a valuable source of information about a wide range of fruits, vegetables and other food groups including health benefits, buying and storing, preparation and cooking – (did you know that Asparagus, which can be given to babies from age six to seven months, is an “excellent source of the antioxidants glutathione and beta carotene, which may help to prevent certain cancers” according to Gina?).

The Contented Little Baby Book of Weaning is also full of easy to prepare and cook recipes such as Fishy Ribbons and Mini Moussaka using simple ingredients which can be enjoyed by parent and baby. Whatever stage you are at with weaning, there is something in this book for everyone.

Book reviewed by Parents Lounge member Slayerkat.

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