Full Time Father

Full time fatherSo your partner earns more than you do? You’ve been made redundant? You hate the job? Being a full time dad can make a lot of sense.

But isn’t it a bit weird? Actually no; it’s a growing trend. Nearly one in ten fathers in the UK now takes the main responsibility for looking after the kids, often full time.

It’s a big decision though. What will your mates think? Will you ever get a decent job again? Won’t you miss the cut and thrust of the office? And won’t you go stark staring mad without any mental stimulation too sophisticated for a toddler? It’s not just you, either. It’s the whole family set up. Who wears the trousers? Who controls the family purse? And does it mean you have to clean the house and do the shopping, too?

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Full Time Father is written by a stay at home dad and draws on his survey of other ‘homedads’ as well as on his own experience. It examines all the key issues, passes on masses of valuable tips and advice, and lets the reader know what to expect – both good and bad – should they decide to become a homedad themselves.

When Richard Hallows realised that his wife earned significantly more than he did, and what’s more she was pregnant, it quickly became clear there was only one course of action open to him. He gave up work to become a stay at home father. He and his wife now have two children and live in Buckinghamshire.

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