From Lad To Dad

From Lad to DadYou’ve done it – she’s pregnant. Now all you have to do is sit back, put your feet up and wait for the congratulations of friends and family. Right?

Wrong. Suddenly it’s all about her and you’re relegated to the sidelines, facing nine long months of getting lost in her ever expanding shadow.

So forget the laid back lifestyle (you’ll be too busy waiting on her every whim). Forget late night socialising (she’ll be too tired). And forget sex, obviously. At least in any form you’d recognise. Instead you’ve got to learn a whole new role, and fast.

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Now at least you have one fellow traveller to take your side and give you the attention you deserve. Stephen Giles has charted his own journey from lad to dad and shares his ignorance, humiliations, frustrations, inadequacies and downright sodding terror. Along the way he guides you through the minefield of dismissive midwives, shit scary hospital visits, mood swings (hers as well as yours), and the looming prospect of having to reinvent yourself as a halfway decent dad.

He also passes on the answers to many of his own questions, along with a mass of practical and realistic advice, and reassures you that if he can survive as a pregnant father, so can you. In fact not only can you survive, but you can emerge at the end of it all feeling bloody fantastic.

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