Fertile Thinking

Fertile Thinking by Anya Sizer and Cat Dean

Fertile ThinkingFertile Thinking is a unique, practical guide for women experiencing difficulties conceiving. Unlike other books that provide medical or nutritional advice alone, Fertile Thinking aims to help women gain a sense of control over the process and feel whole and happy.

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Drawing on coaching tools and techniques as well as Anya’s expertise in her field, Fertile Thinking provides practical exercises, tips and advice that offer couples who may have given up hope a renewed sense of possibility and purpose. According to the Assisted Conception Taskforce (ACT), one in every six couples worldwide is currently experiencing difficulties conceiving, and IVF specialists predict this could increase to one in three.

Support currently available to such couples includes counselling, websites and helplines, and books which often focus on diet, exercise and complementary therapies. Fertile Thinking takes readers on the journey from diagnosis of infertility to a place where they can feel happier and more in control of their lives. Thousands have testified to the positive effect Anya’s sessions have had on their lives. Some of those stories are included as inspirational case studies within the book.

Author Anya Sizer is a fertility coach and mother to two IVF children who were born after a six year battle against the one-in-125,000 odds doctors gave her of being able to conceive. She works from the London Women’s Clinic on Harley St, is a trustee for the Infertility Network and runs the Central London support group.

Cat Dean is a journalist and copywriter with a passion for writing about health and personal development. She is also a trained Powerchange Gold Coach. She has one child and works from her home in Brighton.

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