DadcandoIf you want to get your kids to turn off the TV, step away from the computer and do something less boring instead, dadcando has a project for you.

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Brimful of magical and creative ideas to try at home, from building a spaceship to doing science experiments in the kitchen, dadcando is a must for any father who wants to spend quality time with his children. Not only that, it also includes bags of advice and support for dads who find themselves going it alone.

Every father wants to be a hero to his kids, and with dadcando you’ll find it’s child’s play.

Chris Barnardo is the son of two family doctors and a descendent of Dr Barnardo, founder of the world-wide children’s charity. He has four children to whom he is completely dedicated, and in 2007 he founded, a website for fathers – particularly single ones – and their children.

Chris’s varied career has seen him working in the fields of graphic design and product development. He is a named inventor on over 25 patents for everything from cheese packaging to advanced credit card displays.

His most recent invention is the world’s first working magic wand. It looks and feels like a single piece of carved wood and uses infrared remote control technology and state-of-the-art motion sensing and gesture recognition software to enable the user to control gadgets around the home using only simple and intuitive flicks of the wrist.

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