Custard and Crayons - Polly and Jago

Custard and Crayons with Polly & Jago

Custard and Crayons - Polly and JagoThe Polly & Jago brand is a wonderful creation – in the mould of Charlie & Lola. Two characters who are the attention grabbers in what is more than a story. These characters are all about encouraging activities.

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In this follow-up to their first book, Make, Bake and Celebrate, Polly & Jago accompany a rich assortment of tasks designed to carry you through the whole year. There’s lots of colour photography, colour illustration and the design is superb.

Custard and Crayons also comes wrapped in a fold-out wallchart for the year, and the book’s description as “the answer to all your rainy-day prayers” is not just a bluff.

There are numerous craft ideas, such as a kaleidoscope, a jazzy jigsaw, fabergĂ©-style eggs, flag bunting… Then there are the pages of facts and legends to boost your child’s knowledge of the world and its history. There are lots of recipes for the children to try, and to encourage a varied diet.

The book’s calendar recognises important dates, such as Easter, Christmas, Ramadan, Valentine’s Day and others.

The only criticism I have of this book, and so many others like it (recipe books being a prime example) is that you cannot open it and leave it open on a table. When you are following instructions for a recipe or a craft idea, you want the book to be open so you can refer to it. Books that are thick and with softback covers have a tendency to want to stay closed – unless you damage the spine to force it open.

Nevertheless, this is a real value-for-money buy.

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