Creating Bedtime Stories for your Children

Creating Bedtime Stories For Your Children

Creating Bedtime Stories for your ChildrenChildren love to be read a bedtime story. That’s an undisputable fact. Many parents find, though, that their children get more excited by a made up story than one read from a book. It’s fun letting your imagination wander randomly through something adventurous or silly, but no matter how imaginative you are, you may not be able to think of something coherent and entertaining.

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Ronny M Cole has written a book that not only tells you how to think of a good story, but he examines the roles stories can play in educating children. You can.

  • use stories to teach children about values, goals, morals, creativity and emotional management;
  • remove the stress of getting them to bed;
  • have fun with your child and bond with them emotionally and physically;
  • involve them in creating the stories with you.

The author discusses story structure, but also bedtime management, such as the “good night” routine to get your child to sleep efficiently. There’s more to this storytelling lark than trying to think up names for three gruff billy goats, you know. It’s a science, and an art, and this book will make you think a lot more widely about the importance and the value of the bedtime story.

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