Bullying book

Bullying by Karen Sullivan

Bullying bookMore than half of all children will be bullied at some point in their school career.  Although lip-service is often paid to anti-bullying policies, the torment of bullying continues to be real and the damage done is lasting.

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Bullying is widespread; takes many forms and it can take place at home, at school or on the streets.  Bullies are often devious so it may be hard to spot what is happening.  If you suspect it’s going on you need to take action – which is where this helpful, comprehensive and sensitive guide will be your greatest ally.

This practical and thoughtful book is for everyone caught up in bullying of any kind.  It explains what causes children to bully, what makes a child a victim and how children can develop coping skills to deal with problems and how parents can help.

This book offers advice on:

  • How to spot the bullied and the bullies – and how to be aware of the latest trends in computer, text and mobile phone bullying and ‘happy slapping’
  • What to look out for with different age groups
  • What makes a child a victim
  • What can you do to stop your child being a bully
  • How to deal with peer pressure
  • What resources are available
  • What strategies do and don’t work

There are lots of books on bullying for teachers and other professionals, books for children themselves and books on workplace bullying but there is nothing quite like this wide-ranging, up-to-date, proactive guide to every aspect of school-age bullying.

Karen Sullivan is a mother and bestselling author of a number of books on childcare and emotional health, including How to Help Your Overweight Child, also published by Rodale.  She appears frequently on TV and radio and her childcare practices have been the subject of a BBC1 documentary.  Karen lives in London.

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