BabynomicsChildren cost a bomb but there’s no escaping it – is there? One estimate puts the cost of bringing up a child from 0-21 years at £190,000, which is terrifying for any new parent. But does it really cost this much to raise a child, and how can you as a parent cut this down to manageable money?

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We bring you practical and realistic advice on saving money, without meaning you have to compromise on the lifestyle of your family. Babynomics teaches parents what costs you can cut, and ways to pay for those bills you can’t avoid when raising a family.

Find out:

  • How to save money on baby equipment,
  • Making the most of government funding for your family,
  • The wonderful world of children’s toys,
  • Santa, peer pressure and buying for birthdays,
  • Memorable holidays without the price tag,
  • When to start saving money for university.

Author Madeline Thomas shows you how much money you can save at each stage of your child’s life, and proves that having a happy family doesn’t have to cost the earth.

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