Babies Names

Babies’ Names

Babies NamesThis brand new edition of Babies’ Names will help you find the right name for your baby. The book gives more than 2,500 names in common use in the English-speaking world with information on their meanings and origins. It spans traditional names, from Anne and Albert to Victoria and William, to modern names, from Azalea and Bryn to Brooklyn and Zanna and everything in between.

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New to this edition is an article on how to find the right name or create your own, as well as additional material within entries on well-known bearers of the name, real and fictional. In addition to the A-Z list of names there is an appendix including thematic indexes for many names categories such as Biblical names, names from television and films, names from literature and popular culture, pet forms and nicknames, as well a list of the most popular names by year and by region.

The book is a small format paperback in the, not unsurprising, alphabetical index. At the back there are some other useful lists, such as religious names and lists of names by regional popularity, among other things.

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