Babies for Beginners

Babies for BeginnersYou haven’t got time to read the baby books because you’re too busy… looking after the baby. Well this book doesn’t waste any time. It’ll tell you whatever you need to know in the time it takes to change a nappy.

At last, here is the book for every new parent who’s never been quite sure what a cradle cap is and whether you need one. Babies for Beginners cuts away the crap – the unnecessary equipment, the overfussy advice – and gives you the absolute basics of babycare: keep the baby alive, at all costs, and try to stop it getting too hungry.

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From bedtime to bathtime, mealtime to playtime, this book highlights the core objective of each exercise (for example, get the baby bathed) and the key focus (don’t drown it). By exploding the myths around each aspect of babycare, the book explains what is necessary and what is a bonus; which equipment is essential and which you can do without.

Babies for Beginners is the perfect book for every first time mother who’s confused by all the advice and can’t really believe it’s necessary to spend that much money. And it’s the ultimate guide for every father looking for an excuse to get out of ante-natal classes.

Roni Jay is a professional author whose books include KIDS & Co: winning business tactics for every family. She is the mother of three young children, and stepmother to another three grown up ones.

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