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Aramazu – The Learn To Tell The Time Right Now Book

Learn to Tell The TimeA third of children leave Year 2 (age 6-7) unable to tell the time and only 18 hours of the national curriculum each year is dedicated to teaching this essential life skill.

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Schoolteacher and education expert Cheryl Hossle says, “In my experience, the current framework for teaching time is failing our children. The school curriculum teaches Time in the general context of calculating, measuring and understanding shape. This means that only 6 hours is dedicated to Time every term – using the current system, most children simply cannot learn this complex concept in such a limited time.”

Aramazu is a new method of teaching children to tell the time, following three years of trials in schools.

The Aramazu method uses storybooks and simple, clear logic that appeals to both children and their teachers. Learning is made fun and easy, with many children able to tell the time after just a few minutes.

Jamie Rugge-Price, creator of the Aramazu method, says, “As father to four children and now grandfather to four more, I’ve had plenty of practice teaching the time! The traditional view that children just pick it up naturally is a complete myth – time is complicated and the process needs to be broken down into a logic they understand. Children also need to know why it’s important to be able to tell the time – because it gives them control over their lives; a real grown-up skill.”

The key to understanding is introduced with the simple question – what shape is an hour? Answer: An hour is the shape of a mountain.

Here’s how it works:

  1. It takes 30 minutes to walk to the top of the hour, and 30 minutes to walk down to the half past
  2. Around the watch face there are two ladders – a past ladder and a to ladder.
  3. By using the code ‘foot, foot, finger’ you can tell the time:
  • Foot – Which minute is the foot pointing to?
  • Foot – Which ladder is the foot on?
  • Finger – Which hour mountain is the finger pointing to?
  • The foot is pointing to the 23 minute step on the ladder
  • The foot is on the to ladder
  • The finger is pointing to the 9 hour
  • So the time is 23 minutes to 9


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