Annabel Karmel - Lunchboxes

Annabel Karmel – Lunchboxes

Annabel Karmel - LunchboxesIn this new book Annabel tackles the daily task of packing your child’s lunchbox. Day in, day out, the contents of the box have to be tailored to suit your child’s taste, create a balanced diet and ensure the food can be eaten in the limited amount of time that is made available.

Having catered for her three children over the past 10 years, Annabel has packed more than 5000 boxes and so is ideally placed for passing on recipes as well as valuable hints and tips for easing your morning routine.

Within this book there are:

  • Ideas for quick, nutritious and attractive packages
  • Sandwiches, savoury specialities (which includes soups and salads), sweet surprises (cakes and cookies), fruity delights, dairy diversions and drinks
  • Recipes that assume there is only a limited amount of time for preparation and, where possible, show how they can be made in advance and then kept in the fridge or freezer

With additional yummy extras such as break-time extras and bite-sized foods, how will any child be able to resist the contents of their lunchbox from now on?

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