Golf ball in hole

An easy way for children to learn golf

Golf Made Simple for Kids book coverSteve Furlonger and Philip Swinard met during a golf coaching course in 2008. They shared a keen interest in a simplistic approach to coaching golf and it wasn’t long before they formed Golf Made Simple and started writing their first book.

Since then, Steve and Phil have worked on numerous projects with local councils and their home counties (Surrey & Sussex). Their current portfolio of students ranges from junior to senior; complete beginner to county level.

To teach a child how to play golf requires a different approach than when teaching an adult. It has to be fun and must challenge their skill and stimulate their mind with suitable games.

This book teaches children golf skills through its unique picture and rhyme format, and each chapter incorporates a number of fun games to challenge and test their newly developed golf skills.

Aimed at children aged from 5 years to 12 years, Golf Made Simple For Kids suits a wide audience. If you are teaching your child to play, the book will be the ideal source of information to help your child learn the game and have great fun at the same time.