Allergy Family Cookbook

Allergy family cookbook

Allergy Family CookbookAn easy-to-use restricted diet cookbook with more than 100 recipes aimed at the whole family – whether it’s dairy&/or wheat &/or soya and nuts that individual members have to avoid.

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The book’s “every recipe for everyone” system allows parents to choose how to cook each recipe safely for their family –  with or without dairy, wheat or soya, but always completely nut-free and always using readily available supermarket ingredients.

Recipes include: crispy chicken bites, fishcakes, pizzas, traditional roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, home-made pasta, gooey chocolate and pear pancakes, lemon tart, quick snacks, lunch-box fillers, tea time treats such as scones, biscuits, muffins and the all-important chocolate birthday cake.

This book provides parents with:

  • Easy-to-follow, safe and delicious recipes
  • Information about dairy, wheat, soya and nuts
  • Clear explanations of food allergy and intolerance
  • Discussion of diseases linked to these key ingredients
  • Advice on making sure a restricted diet is healthy
  • Busy cook’s shopping and cooking tips
  • Separate baby and toddler recipe sections
  • Recipes that children on restricted diets can learn to cook for themselves

“Drawing on their own personal and family experiences, the authors offer very practical, ingenious and creative solutions for the preparation of nutritious, healthy and tasty meals, while still staying away from the various types of foods that allergic members of the family should avoid.” Dr Diab F Haddad MD MRCPCH, Consultant Paediatrician, St Peter’s Hospital, Surrey

“My toddler, Sophie, is allergic to dairy, wheat, soya, fish and nuts. When she was diagnosed I longed for a cookbook to help her thrive and me, a working mum, to survive. There wasn’t one, so I wrote one.” Clare Constant (Best selling educational writer)

“We have food allergies in our family but my kids demand to be fed “normal food” like their school friends – so I developed these recipes to make sure they can. Now, when their mates come home for tea, they can’t tell the difference!” Suzanne Wood (former Home Economist of the Year)

Sample recipe: Crunchy Lemon Flan

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