Aint Misbehavin

Ain’t Misbehavin’

Aint MisbehavinSometimes in our family lives we come across particular problems that we struggle to overcome. This new series of books from Prentice Hall Life will help parents find solutions to specific, yet common, parenting problems.

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Ain’t Misbehavin’ is quick and easy to use, giving fast advice to stressed out parents. Dealing with just one issue means that help is focussed and parents can easily access the guidance and techniques they need.

The book will also help parents to identify, understand and alleviate their own stresses around the behaviour of their children and help them to recognize the flashpoints and triggers for problems.

Your relationship with your child, says the author, starts from birth. We set the pattern of the relationship early on by the way you respond to your baby’s limited vocabulary. Babies cry and scream because they don’t have any other way of communicating, and the way we respond as parents will teach them how to carry on communicating with us.

Do you shout a lot around the house or in front of your child? Chances are your child will behave the same. Do you dismiss your child’s demands or do you discuss them and negotiate occasionally?

Laverne Antrobus does a very straightforward job in this book of explaining how child behaviour develops essentially from parental behaviour and attitude. The author is a child and educational psychologist who is very clear about things like tantrums and how to deal with them simply and effectively.

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