Cut down on toddler washing with a Dribblebuster

DribblebusterA designer from Surrey has found a solution to helping dribbling babies stay dry while still looking trendy. Dribblebuster is a jaunty scarf-cum-bandana that catches drool, food and milk without completely covering up a baby’s outfit. This fashion accessory prevents a baby’s chest getting wet, which can cause chills, and is eco-friendly as it cuts down on the number of clothes to be washed.

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“My grandson was a champion dribbler and went through mountains of clothes each day. Even worse, he constantly had chills as a result of his wet clothes sticking to his chest. I wanted to find some way to catch the dribble but still show off his lovely outfits, which normal bibs just don’t do,” explains Alison Withell founder of Dribblebuster.  “As an experienced dressmaker, I experimented with a few designs and perfected the Dribblebuster. My grandson can now keep the same outfit on all day, massively cutting down on the laundry pile. He gets less chills and to top it all, he looks absolutely gorgeous.”

Unlike regular bibs, the clever Dribblebuster design, which fits snugly under the chin, still allows most of an outfit to be seen. The quick-drying, double cotton layer, including absorbent cotton fleece, allows drool to be whisked away without it penetrating through the clothes. Dribblebusters are hand crafted individually in the UK to the highest quality and  come in a range of colourful prints for boys or girls to enhance any outfit. They come in one adjustable size, suitable from birth up.

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  1. Dribblebuster have recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary and have many new designs added to the collection of dribble bibs including baby bloomers in matching Liberty fabrics.

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