BEABA multi-portion tubs

BEABA Multi portion tubs

BEABA multi-portion tubsThe Multi Portion freezer tub from BEABA, manufacturers of the unique 4 in 1 BabyCook, is designed to make the preparation, freezing and cooking of baby’s meals simple and less time consuming.

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The flexible plastic tub has the capacity for up to 7 portions each of a 60ml serving. Suitable for use in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher each of the individual tubs has a plunger action to help ease out the servings. The snap on lid helps to lock in the flavour of the food.

The multi serving tubs help to make life a little easier for today’s busy parents by making it easy to prepare, store and freeze many days worth of meals in advance. When used in conjunction with the BabyCook meals can be ready in minutes.

And when your baby has finished the weaning stage the Multi Potion has several uses such as freezing herbs or even as a painting tray.

BEABA also produce the Baby Portion (150ml) and Maxi Portion (300ml) food jars that can also be used to store and freeze pre-prepared meals. Made form hard wearing clear plastic with sealable lids the jars have clear measurements on the side. Made from polycarbonate, the jars will tolerate huge differences in temperature without affecting the food stored inside. They are dishwasher safe, microwave safe and totally unbreakable.

Available in a range of colours for around £10.

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