Bathtimes made easy with Cuddledry

CuddledryThis award-winning product is designed to help parents get their baby out of the bath safely, without the baby getting distressed or the parents getting soaked.

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The organic Cuddledry towel made of natural bamboo fibres enables parents and carers to effectively wear the towel safely like an apron, leaving both hands free for lifting their babies out of the bath and drying them. It comes with single-handed easy-release poppers that allow simple removal before lying baby down on a changing mat, still snugly wrapped.

“Bathing a slippery newborn baby can be a daunting experience for new parents who feel as though they don’t have enough hands,” explains Helen Wooldridge, one of two mums who founded Cuddledry.  “Our towels give parents the confidence to bath their baby, knowing they can quickly get their little one out, dry and warm without getting sopping wet themselves. This is one gift that won’t go unused!”

The Cuddledry towel is also an eco-friendly and sociably responsible gift. It is made out of sustainably produced, organic bamboo, a plant that generates 35% more oxygen than the equivalent stand of trees, yet is luxuriously soft. Through its partnership with the Child Accident Prevention Trust, the company is also contributing to the reduction in childhood accidents with a ten pence contribution on the sale of each towel.

The Cuddledry towel costs £24.99 and comes in a two-tone soft oatmeal and cream colour, natural white, and soft pink or blue.  It is available from the National Childbirth Trust,  Mothercare and other independent stores and websites nationwide, including

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