Privacy policy and general terms

Company info
Parents Lounge is a property of UK Families Limited, Registered at 5 Grove Park Square, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1BN.

Privacy Policy

UK Parents Lounge (UKPL) is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers (which includes members of our discussion forum and subscribers to our newsletter and other services). Our policy is never to pass customer data to third parties without this having been requested by the data owner.

We collect various pieces of personal data from customers, including name, postal address, email address and telephone number – for the purposes of running prize draws, the forum, the newsletter and other services. This data is private to the customer and we do not use it for any purpose other than to provide our services to you.

We reserve the right to communicate with customers directly about the services for which they are suibscribed but we will not otherwise send unrelated marketing information to customers that is not solicited by the customer.

Discussion forum membership

All members of the forum must agree to the Registration Agreement presented to them at the point of registration, and abide by the Forum Rules, available on this website. The Management reserves the right, in its own discretion, to exclude any member from using the forum at any time, and for any time period.

Newsletter subscription

When you enter a prize draw on UKPL, or when you become a member of our Discussion Forums, you will automatically become a subscriber to our UKPL Digest email newsletter. You may later unsubscribe from the newsletter without affecting your membership of the Forum or your entry in any prize draws. Once you unsubscribe from the newsletter, you can only be added again if you personally choose to re-subscribe using the subscription form on this website.

Free image hosting

Our free image hosting service requires a separate registration procedure. It is not connected to the forum, the newsletter or any other part of the website. Communications to members of this service will only take place when there is a need for technical service reasons.

Classified Adverts

You can only use the Classifieds if you are a member of the Forums – using the same details to log in. Once you log into Classifieds for the first time, the system looks you up in the Forums database and then creates a duplicate account in the Classifieds database. You log into the Forums and the Classifieds separately, and it is possible to then have different passwords for each service.

Unsubscription requests

As per the Registration Agreement in the forum, you may not ask for your forum posts to be removed if you decide to stop using the forum. Once published, you grant perpetual rights for your posts to stay on the website. If you have reason to amend your private data, however, please contact us to discuss this.

Data we hold about you

It is possible that we hold separate pieces of private data about you in the following locations:
Forum database
Newsletter subscription database
Main website database (prize draw entries)

If at any time you require details of personal data held by you, please submit a Data Subject Request via the Contact Us form. We reserve the right to charge an administration fee of up to £10 for collation and provision of data – although this will only reflect the cost of preparing your report.

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