Starting big school

If you have a four-year-old or soon-to-be-four, you’ll be thinking ‘full time school’ from now until September! Here’s Heather Welford’s Top 10 Tips on getting ready for the big day!

Call the school, and ask what initiation days they have planned for new starters. There’s likely to be at least three or four afternoons or mornings when new ones can come with an adult for an hour or two

Talk about school, and all the exciting things that are likely to happen

Teach the art of nose-wiping and blowing….

….and make sure your child can manage his clothing to use the loo – and wipe his bottom, too. Think of the poor teacher – she can’t be expected to do these tasks as well!

Do a few practice journeys to school, so you can become familiar with the time you need to allow, and the easiest route

Anyone else starting school at the same time from pre-school or nursery? Get talking to their parents, and encourage a friendship between your children

Get the uniform now! You don’t want your child to be the only one in the ‘wrong’ clothes because you left it all too late (and get working on those name tapes, too…)

Is he staying at school for lunch? Start improving knife-and-fork skills now

Play schools at home – practise putting up hands to attract the teacher’s attention, calling people ‘Miss’ and ‘Mrs’ and ‘Mr’

Start teaching clock skills now, and talk about what would be happening at school when the clock says a particular time

May 1999, copyright Heather Welford

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