Pre-school nerves make starting school a bed-wetting experience

Thousands of children began their first day at school last week and while many of us might look back on one of life’s major rites-of-passage with fond memories, many children are so terrified; it results in wetting the bed.

The problem is so common that one in five children have wet the bed because of playground fears say the findings of a new survey by DryNites® Sleep Shorts. According to the parents questioned, 50% were previously dry throughout the night. Over one in ten (11%) children are ‘terrified’ of the transition into the ‘big’ school environment, with playground squabbles cited as one of the biggest fears of children about to step up to primary school with a third of children anxious about making new friends and ‘fitting-in’. A further 25% of parents claim it has even affected their children of ages 12-15.

Bedwetting is almost as common as asthma in young children with about 20% of four year-olds and 10% of eight year-olds wetting the bed at least twice a week.  Despite being so common, bedwetting is still a taboo and can be very upsetting for both parent and child.

Dr Carol Cooper, GP comments “If your child experiences bedwetting, the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone and it is not your fault or your child’s.  Although there is no one cure, there are a number of options available which can help parent and child to cope in the meantime. Of course, every child is different and the family GP can help determine the best approach for each individual child.

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