Jackloc in action

Jackloc stops children falling out of windows

In warmer weather, when we tend to leave windows open to invite a breeze through the house, there is a risk to children of falling. One way to protect children from this danger is to install Jacklocs.


The British family-run company, which created its unique original universal window restrictor in 2003, has been campaigning for more than 10 years to educate householders and organisations about the dangers of open windows.

Jackloc works with organisations such as RoSPA to raise awareness of the risks posed by unrestricted windows and the steps that can be taken to reduce such hazards, including installation of safety measures and regular checks to ensure they are maintained.

Emma Wells, Director of Jackloc, says, “It is natural that families want to make the most of warmer, dryer weather and let some fresh air into their homes by throwing open their windows, but it is a heartbreaking fact that children die needlessly each year – and thousands are injured through falls from unrestricted windows.

“Young children are naturally curious and sometimes need to be protected from their own adventurous spirit, so it is vital that parents are alerted to this hidden danger lurking in our homes and take action to prevent such tragedies.”

Emma’s father, technical building consultant Derek Horne, originally designed the Jackloc after he saw a young child hanging out of a hotel window, screaming for help. He named the invention after his grandson, Jack.

Sisters Emma Wells (left) and Judith Burrows both run Jackloc
Emma Wells (left) and sister Judith Burrows continue to run the family firm.

Emma and her sister, the late Deborah Jennings, took up his pioneering creation and set up the family company. It has since gone from strength to strength, achieving record sales as it celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2013.

Jacklocs have been installed to improve safety and security in buildings such as private homes, nurseries, schools, hospitals, care homes, student accommodation, hotels and high-rise flats all over the world, including Arabia, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Australia, the USA, Singapore and Malaysia.

The lock comprises a flexible cable between a window or door and its frame, restricting how far it can be opened to 10cm. Jacklocs can be fitted to any type of window or door, whether wooden, metal or uPVC.

Find out more at www.jackloc.com