Have fun learning manners

The old saying “manners maketh the man” is as true today as ever. The way you behave around and toward other people affects what they think of you. Of course, if we are not taught good manners from a young age by our parents, we may grow up to be an ill-mannered adult.

Building BlocksBuilding Blocks is a new eight-lesson programme designed specifically to help parents teach good manners to their children – and in a fun way. Building Blocks offers a unique and powerful tool for parents, grandparents and child-minders to use in their homes. The lessons are fun, effective and memorable because they incorporate elements that are enjoyed by children universally. Through interactive role play, puppets, activities and crafts, stories and songs your children will learn the benefits of good manners that will have a lasting impression.

Here are the eight lessons in the course:

  • Where Are My Manners?
  • The Magic Words
  • Thank You For Having Me
  • Let’s Eat Out
  • Whining And Nagging
  • Make Smart Choices!
  • Help! I’m Lost
  • We Are All Different

The first lesson is available as a free download from the Building Blocks website.

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