Children’s bedtime routines causing sleepless nights

British parents are increasingly losing control of their children’s bedtime routines – and it’s inevitably putting a strain on relationships – according to research released by Tesco.

According to the poll of over 1,000 British parents, a quarter said an upset bedtime routine has led to rows with their partner. Almost a fifth (17%) admitted they feel angry when it comes to putting their children to bed and over one in ten (13%) feel tearful if their child’s bedtime routine gets upset for any reason.

Regional variations in parents’ attitudes to bedtime routines were revealing: Londoners and those people living in the North East lose control of the bedtime routine the most often (52% and 55% respectively), with nearly half of London couples ending up arguing over it (46%) – the highest number in the UK.

Nationally, over a third (37%) of those questioned said that they sometimes lose control of their children’s bedtime routine with 13% admitting that they didn’t even have one.

Over one fifth (21%) of parents living in the East claimed that they had no bedtime routine at all for their children. The strictest parents in Britain though are in Scotland and Yorkshire with nine out of ten parents adhering to a bedtime routine (91% and 94%).

Commenting on the findings, mother, academic and life coach, Gladeana McMahon, said: “Every night parents across the UK fight what seems a losing battle to put wilful children to sleep. Establishing a regular bedtime routine for toddlers and young children is one of the best ways to ensure good moods for the entire family, yet it can be one of the most frequent causes of frustration in parents.”

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