Tina O’Brien supports the Big Toddle

Former Corrie star and mum Tina O’Brien is teaming up with children’s charity Barnardo’s in encouraging parents to get involved in the Big Toddle

The Big Toddle is the UK’s biggest charity event for children under the age of five, and a fun opportunity for parents to celebrate a special and worthwhile experience together with their little ones. Each year, up to half a million children take part in the short sponsored walks across the country, with the money raised going towards charitable projects that help less fortunate children learn and play.

To get involved in celebrating your little ones, you can organise your own Toddle, or join one near you! The event is supported by Fairy Non-Bio Gel. Throughout the summer anyone can Toddle – nurseries, crèches and playgroups; to parents, friends and family. And this year, parents are encouraged to bring along any unwanted clothes to their local toddle to pop into ‘Fairy’s Basket of Softness’, which will be donated to Barnardo’s at the end of the event.

For more information about the Barnardo’s Big Toddle and how to donate to ‘Fairy’s Basket of Softness’ at selected July Toddles visit www.softeningyourworld.com.

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