The odd baby keepsakes parents can’t throw away

A new baby’s first dirty nappy is just one of a bizarre list of keepsakes mums have saved as a memento of their baby’s earliest days.

Umbilical cords and positive pregnancy tests are also kept for posterity by many new mums, according to a new survey.

The poll of UK mums found that many held on to more than traditional keepsakes such as a lock of hair and first teeth.

First booties or mittens were the most common item to keep with more than half of the mums questioned (56%) admitting to storing them away.

Many also owned up to keeping teddy bears, comforters and hospital tags, as well as items such as dummies and milk bottles. The list also featured locks of baby hair, first teeth, birth cards, first hand and foot prints, christening outfits and baby blankets.

Among the more unusual items were clipped stubs of umbilical cord, positive pregnancy tests, slices of the christening cake, candles from the 1st birthday cake, stained bibs, nail clippings, the first baby bowls and spoons used, and the maternity clothes mum was wearing when she went into labour.

Of the mums quizzed, 96% said they never intended to throw the items they’d kept away and would cherish them forever.

The remaining four per cent did think they may be able to part with them, but not until their children had grown up, left home and had children of their own.

One mum said: “My daughter was born nine weeks prematurely and spent the first weeks of her life in an incubator. She was fed on a drip during those worrying early days so when she was eventually able to suckle and fill her own nappy it was such a significant event for us that we decided to keep the used nappy forever.

“We wrapped it in a nappy sack and it’s been well sprayed with air freshener and put in a box. I realise many people might think it is a bizarre thing to keep but changing that first dirty nappy was such an emotional experience for us.

“It was the moment we knew our daughter was truly well, that everything was working as it should. We knew then that she was going to be able to come home and be healthy. When it came to it the nappy meant so much we just couldn’t toss it in the bin.”

A spokesperson for Dotty Bingo, who commissioned the survey, said: “Having a baby is one of the most important events in your life, it’s certainly up there with meeting your soul mate, getting married and in later life becoming grandparents. So it’s no surprise that parents want to hold on to certain keepsakes.

“Our poll suggests that some keep hold of quite a lot. Nearly all of those we spoke to kept a lock of hair, baby’s first teeth and the hospital tags – all three polled very high scores.

“Comforters and baby blankets as well as mittens and booties were also popular choices with parents saying they could still smell that new baby scent on them despite them being washed and some being a few years old.

“Some of the more unusual items are a little on the odd side. Out of the 500 questioned, only a few admitted to keeping hold of some of these.”

Of 500 mums polled most had kept more than one item as a keepsake:

  • Lock of hair – 11%
  • Teddy bear – 12%
  • Teeth – 28%
  • Booties / mittens – 56%
  • Pregnancy test – 19%
  • Maternity clothes worn during labour – 11%
  • Umbilical cord / clip – 32%
  • Bowls and spoons – 10%
  • Stained bibs – nine per cent
  • Dummies – 18%
  • 1st birthday candle – 16%
  • Slice of christening cake – three per cent
  • Nail clippings – one per cent
  • First dirty nappy – <1%

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