CPR dummy

How to resuscitate a baby or young child

CPR dummyHaving the knowledge needed to carry out first aid on a child or baby can be vital and yet 81% of parents admit they don’t have the skills required to administer even basic first aid. Stats reveal that over half of all parents asked would be afraid of doing something wrong.

This BabySafe video focuses on unconsciousness (breathing/not breathing) in babies and young children.
The how-to video features an expert from the British Red Cross demonstrating what to do if your baby or child is unconscious. This will give parents the basic skills required to give Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to a baby or a young child who has stopped breathing.

BabySafe is a free nationwide child safety initiative by Tesco Baby & Toddler Club featuring experts from the British Red Cross. The first four in the series of how-to videos focused on Prevention in the home, how to treat Burns, how to recognise the signs of Meningitis and how to deal with Choking.

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