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Create your own baby passport photo

Passport picWebsite has come up with a solution to help parents get approved passport photographs of their baby or child quickly and easily. Parents simply take a picture of their child at home using a digital camera,  upload it to the Paspic website and within two working days they’ll receive four passport photographs, guaranteed to be approved for use.

“Parents can spend hours in photo booths or at professional photographers trying to get a picture of their baby that will meet the complex rules set out by the Passport Agency,” explains Yehuda Hecht, founder of  “For example, the child’s head must be in the middle of the frame and the parents’ hands are not allowed to be seen in the picture. It’s a juggling act trying to get it right and babies can find the whole experience unsettling, making it even harder to get a good shot.”

In contrast, provides easy to understand guidelines and online video tutorials explaining how to take a suitable picture. Parents can then take the picture at a time when their baby or child is relaxed using their own digital camera. Once uploaded to the Paspic site, the picture is formatted into a passport photo size and the image is centered so the head is in the middle of the frame. It is then examined – both by built in technology and by Paspic staff – to ensure it meets all the Passport Agency guidelines. If it’s acceptable, four pictures are printed and sent out within 48 hours. If the pictures don’t meet the guidelines, the individual is alerted and they can try again. Approved pictures are guaranteed to be accepted by the Passport Agency.

“All children, regardless of age, must have their own passport. Many parents don’t realise this and leave getting a child’s passport until the last minute. The Paspic service helps cut down time and the risk of having applications rejected due to incorrect photographs,” says Hecht.  “The quick, convenient service can be used by adults too or anyone in need of Passport Agency approved pictures.”

Paspic’s photographs are biometrically compliant with the UK, EU, AU and US Passport Office Authorities regulations. A set of four passport pictures costs £3.50 for UK, AU and/or EU style photos including free postage while a set of three US style photos including free postage costs £4.20.

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